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why YOU need a

 Personal Virtual Office Assistant!

"Time is precious, 

waste it wisley"


#1 - Because You Can’t Do It All By Yourself….

We know you're giving it a Red Hot-Shot, but are you tired, frustrated, stressed, or not enough hours in the day......... No matter how committed or how hard you work at it …….. you just can't do it ALL by yourself, you think you can but long term........?

“Have you ever seen a young child try to dress himself? the buttons seem the most difficult. He concentrates on each as though it’s the world’s most important problem and only he can solve it. And, while his determination to do it himself is admirable, the result is often a late start to the day and a shirt with undone buttons.”     Ron Ashkenas

#2 - A Virtual Assistant is An Investment In Your Business and An Investment In yourself......

When you partner with us, it is an investment in your business. You're investing in labour. You're investing in our skills to then allow you to then focus on the things that are more important in your business. Forming a working relationship with you as your virtual assistant where our highest priority is assisting you! When actions speak louder than words, the work you receive will speak for itself and be worth shouting from the rooftops. And, the investment in yourself is giving you back your time.


#3 - Increase Efficiency and Scale Up Your Business Operations.........

Time is money when you're a business owner. The more efficient you are with your time, the more profitable your business is, and therefore the more time you must spend in your business to succeed, with your SBM Virtual Office Assistant to handle all the administrative roles, this then becomes beneficial to you and allows your business to exceed beyond your wildest expectations.

#4 – It Will Make Your Life Easier ........

 We can create systems the way you envisaged, that will make your business operations run smoother, and in turn, you will be a lot less stressed and anxious over losing out on incoming business as you would have otherwise been tied up creating the systems!!

# 5 - Create Time and Make You More Money.........

By delegating administration, social media, and document preparation tasks to your SBM Virtual Office Assistant, you can focus on the bigger picture which is the growth and success of your business.

#6 – A Virtual Office Assistant can take care of the day-to-day administrative roles within your business, this creates more time for you.

With the expertise and a professional outlook to assist you with all your office administration and social media requirements, without the hassle and to avoid the costly expenses of an office, plus all other associated outgoings and staff costs.



#7 - An SBM VOA Is The Help Your Business Requires TODAY, To Lift The    Weight Off Your Shoulders, So You Can Breathe Again. (hypothetically of course)

Saving you hours a day sitting at your desk (kitchen table)!! ........ So, what’s keeping you up at night, which missing piece to your business do you need?  What do you need to find to pull everything together to ease the stress and lift the weight of your shoulders?  Your very own SBM Personal Virtual Assistant of course.


An SBM Personal Virtual Office Assistant is a perfect solution to many of your day-to-day business tasks that would otherwise tie you down, or....  you could take the other avenue which would require an office space and staff with many costly outgoing expenses.


But most importantly your time is precious, let us assist you, and contact us today.

For your Free 30 Minute  Phone Consultation! 

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